Do You Know What is Lyrics in A Song – Know Each and Every Details

Do You Know What is Lyrics in A Song – Know Each and Every Details

What is Lyrics Writing? – Have you ever searched this term on Internet, if yes then this blog is going to be very useful for you. 

Hi, I am Sonam Saini, a freelancer lyricist since 2016, would like to share each and every aspect of lyrics writing. To know each and every details about Lyrics writing, please stay connected. 

How to write Lyrics

What is Lyrics Writing – An Easy to Understand Definition 

We are in the world where every single thing has its own music. From taking step to taking breathe, everything produce a different sound. When we describe these sounds in words that’s called Lyrics. 

Let me make it little easier for you. The Words every piece of music contains are lyrics. In the Song “See You Again” the phrase See You Again is a part of lyrics. 

If I talk about a Hindi Song, then I choose “Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle, Ugle Heere Moti” as an example. In this song these words Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle, Ugle Heere Moti are the part of lyrics. 

So if I say What is lyrics in a song then the simplest answer will be – The Group of words Singing in a song called Lyrics. 

History of Lyrics – The Origin From Where the Term Comes 

Everybody has a past so is Lyrics 🙂  Neither Lyrics is a fancy word nor the new.

The word Lyrics comes from a Greek Word Lyre. Lyre is an Adjectival form of Greek word “Lurikos”. Lurikos became Lyricus in Latin and then it formed the new word “Lyrics”.

The word “Lyrics” first came into effect in the mid-16th Century in England.

What are the Benefits of Lyrics Writing – Why should one be a lyricist?

After knowing What is song lyrics, let’s discuss the Benefits of lyrics writing. 

If you are hanging in between Yes or No whether you should be a lyricist or not, these benefits will help you to take a right decision. 

7 Big Advantages of Lyrics Writing – Every Beginner must Know  

The 7 amazing advantages of Lyrics Writing are given below. Let’s have a look. 

One can earn from emotions by Writing Lyrics

Lyrics is a game of Emotions. Any type of song whether it is Motivational, Romantic Love Song, Devotional or any other genre, requires emotions. 

One of big Advantages of Lyrics writing is that it gives you an opportunity to earn from your emotions. 

A Rare and Unique Career Option for Everybody

There are very few people who are or wants to be a lyricist. 

So, it is a very Unique and rare career option for somebody who wants to do something different in his/her career. If you have basic interest in writing, you can choose Lyrics writing as a career. 

Opportunities to get Name, Fame and Money together

We are in the Golden Era of Technology. YouTube, Different Music Streaming Platforms, Independent Artists made things easier for lyricists. 

Working with Films Directors, Independent Artists and Music Companies, a lyricist can get an opportunity to earn name, fame and money together. 

Wide scope of Work and Clients For Lyricists 

There is a wide scope of Work and Clients in the field of Lyrics Writing. In this Era of Technology, a lyricist can get opportunities to work with different clients. 

Being a lyricist you can get work in Film and TV Industry, you can write for Independent Artists. Also there are many music companies who require lyricists for their music albums.

Provides Work from Anywhere Facility for Lifetime

Being a Lyricist you can get a lifetime freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. In the era of Internet, you can write lyrics for your clients from anywhere. 

Also, you can do Lyrics writing as Freelancer. 

Helps to Develop Understanding of Music

When you start writing lyrics, it helps you to develop understanding of music by your own. 

A Lyricist may be a good Singer someday. 

Writing Lyrics is A Good Source of Passive Income

It is another one of the big advantages of Lyrics Writing. Lyrics writing can be a good source of passive income. 

After Publishing songs on different music platforms, lyricists get royalty for their songs. So to be a Lyricist is a good option if somebody wants to generate passive income. 

In this article we have discussed all possible aspects related to Lyrics Writing. I hope your query about What do you mean by Lyrics Writing is now resolved. 

If you have any further question in this regard, please feel free to write in comment section.